For Filmar Filtre which adopts a concept that attaches great importance to nature and human, environment stands for “non-polluting production”. The belief that benefitting from Nature to provide service should at the same time go parallel with making contribution to it has motivated the company to make the principles of maintainability dominant and supreme in its facilities.

Filmar Filtre that practices its activities in the sector of filter industry which is one of the sectors that make highest use of paper and sheet, is known for its “environment and nature friendly” approach. It makes direct contribution to the concept of maintainability by ensuring the planting of trees in the name of its personnel monthly and on regular basis through TEMA Fund. . Besides, it has planted a total of 348 trees of different species in its own site.

By adopting animal species that are on the brink of extinction through the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) every month in the name of its personnel, it actually adopts the protection of Nature as a principle.

Apart from that, it aims at having indirect contribution to the concept of maintainability by taking the decision to work with paper suppliers who hold the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certificate in securing paper; the most consumable material, as a principle.

Filmar Filtre that is rendering service on a worldwide basis has proved its environmental awareness by its biological treatment plant which is the only one in the region. Besides, it has the VDA 232/101 List of Prohibited Chemicals which was brought into existence by the original automotive equipment manufacturers.

One of our employees, İbrahim Uysal, grows his flowers which he is fond of at our eco- friendly purification facility.

Among the issues focused by the company for the purpose of protecting the ecological balance the following can be listed:

  • 1- Recycling-oriented activity
  • 2- Dealing with recycling-oriented suppliers
  • 3- Minimizing energy and water consumption
  • 4- Efficient use of raw materials
  • 5- Applying non-polluting production Technologies

We have created a quite different perspective against the black and whiteness of industry. We have combined all the colors that we want to see in the world with our eco-friendly filters.