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Air Filter

Air Filter is the part to ensure that the sucked air is clearly conducted by preventing dust and particles contained
in the air from reaching the engine.

Oil Filter

Oil filter is the part that ensures sustainability.html of the engine oil’s function as a reducer of engine friction and abrasion by preventing the oiling system from getting dirty.

Fuel Filter

Fuel filter is the part that prevents dust particles, rust or water found in the fuel used for internal combustion engines from causing damage to the engine.

Air dryer filter

Air dryer filters are used to dehumidify the air in the braking systems that are generally found in commercial vehicles.

Our Services

Filmar Filter that has an open attitude towards change and innovation, has successfully managed to keep the satisfaction of customers at the top level by embodying the seal ring, cardboard box, print works and plastic injection departments within its own structure for he purpose of securing a well-integrated sevice.



12 October 2015

Our company, which is always open to innovation and development, is attended to the contributed fairs as a team.One of this one is spare parts EIMA which was held in Italy.